There are people who save lives everyday. Doctors, Army, Firemen, Police and many other ways many other people. But the 3 toughest categories which test the peak mental and physical capability of a human being are : Fire, Police & Army.

Every country in the world has its own shares of challenges mixed with human, political, emotional, bureaucratic hurdles. Our country India is no different. We are a great country. We may have a million  things hard tough and not ok, but we have a billion things which are superb.

But there is one thing which is an urgent necessity. To protect lives of those who protect our lives. Saving lives of those who save our lives. Saving lives of people who put their lives and their families future on the block to save our lives and protect us. And due to various reasons the right protective gear needed by them is not available for them. It is not important why they are not provided for the basic most important protective gear of the best quality when our country collects so much money in taxes. It is important we get an act together to bring it to the attention of the right decision makers with all the necessary information on the quality of gear used by the people in the best countries. It is important we induce the authorities to do the right thing and to buy the right quality and keep them updated and upgraded.

In light of above, we have 3 areas we are presently focused on :

  1. The right breathing gear for the fire men when they plunge into an ocean of fire to save lives
  2. The right bullet proof jackets for our police men when they face those dreaded terrorists bravely as they did during the 9/11
  3. The right boots bullet proof jackets for our army when they face the enemy of all kinds internal and external with a smiling face

Good Luck & Jai Hind

Vishal N Jajodia